The Tide Is High And We’re Not Moving On Mitch

Thomas Clay Jr.
5 min readJan 13, 2021

I gotta be honest fam, I am happier than a gambling junkie in Vegas with a suitcase full of cash watching Republicans ablaze from their own stupidity. That moral arc of the universe is not just bending towards justice, it’s about to slap the ever-loving hell out of Mitch McConnell and I’m happy as a lark to be here to witness it.

I understand why so many of you are cynical about Mitch doing anything but you have to understand what is really happening. This insurrection is proving financially ruinous for Republicans. You’ve seen all their donors talking about them not getting another nickel after their seditionist fiasco. Mitch *must* convict Trump or Republicans aren’t going to be able to raise enough money to compete in 2022.

What’s more is that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are dead men walking. The Sedition Caucus is going to wreck Republicans and Mitch knows it. He will have to cut bait with them or 2022 will be the most disastrous election to Republicans ever. This cannot be overstated. We could win 16 senate seats and 100 in the house if they do not cull the lunatics in their party.

Mitch is now beginning to understand that this is Armageddon. He has to butcher the sedition caucus himself. If he doesn’t, he won’t have any cash from Wall Street or any other street. No company wants the heat that is going to come with associating people who caused the deaths of 5 people while wiping feces all over the walls of congress in a failed coup attempt.

Last night lizard-person in a skin suit Rick Scott was on Fox talking about how Joe needs to bring everyone together for the sake of unity and shit. The rest of the evening lineup is just utterly horrified -not of the MAGAt violence- but that the lame stream media is calling for Fox to be put out of business. Why Tucker Carlson is completely perplexed as to how anyone could possibly blame Fox for any of the violence on Capitol Hill and they are OUTRAGED at the ‘divisiveness’ of the Democrats.

I sat there dripping with the next level of hypocrisy not yet seen on earth and I just wanted to say to Tucker and Rick Scott, ‘was Nuremberg divisive?’

Apparently Republicans want to skip right on past that whole ‘accountability’ stage of ‘unity’ and just forget all about the fact that they…



Thomas Clay Jr.

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